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PT.Hipernet IndoData
PT.Hipernet IndoData
Welcome to
PT.Hipernet IndoData


Internet Service Provider= =
Provided internet connection with unlimited time bases and quota based. Dedicated service for cyber cafe, corporate, school and banking.
Using licensed wireless broadband, dedicated leased line and Fiber Optic link.
We also provide VoIP, Online CCTV solutions, VPN system, HotSpot Management System, data center hosting and other Network Solutions.

HyperNet is one stop solution for your IT needs.

Call us now, for detail information.
http: / / www.hyper.net.id
sales@ hyper.net.id

Our current client :
Bina Nusantara University
Asus Indonesia
PT.Astrindo Senayasa
PT.Zyrex Indonesia
PT.ECS Indonesia
Nexian CDMA
Faber Castell Indonesia
STC Senayan
Universitas Kristen Indonesia
Smart Naco
and many more....

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